AE插件:蓝宝石插件更新版-GenArts Sapphire v7.07 for Adobe (Win64)

GenArts Sapphire

AE&PR蓝宝石插件更新版 GenArts Sapphire v7.07 for Adobe (Win64)


蓝宝石插件已经成为高端的视觉效果制作的行业标准,提供无与伦比的图像质量,独特的有机的外观,和易用性。他们已经广泛使用在一个电视节目,音乐影片和故 事片,包括数组:盗加勒比1,2和3,蜘蛛侠1,2和3,“超人归来”,纳尼亚传奇:狮子,女巫和魔衣橱“,”指环王“三部曲,”星球大战 – 情节I,II和III,罪恶之城,“黑客帝国”三部曲,X战警1,2和3,泰坦尼克号“,失落和CSI等..

New in Sapphire Plug-ins v7 for After Effects:
? Beauty – A new effect that leverages the new EdgeAware technology to beautify talking heads by softening and color correcting skin tones.
? EdgeAwareBlur – Powered by our new EdgeAware technology, this effect allows you to blur while preserving detail.
? Advanced Sharpen – The Sharpen tool has been updated with the ability to sharpen features of different amounts and sizes for increased flexibility and control.
? LensFlare – Now enhanced with faster rendering, animation options, atmospheric noise, and presets to duplicate popular real-world lenses.
? Zap – Updated to include 3D rotation and the option to follow a path, giving you the option to control the shape it takes.
? Motionblur – Has been added to many effects, giving them a more realistic look.
? New Transitions – FilmRoll and CardFlip are two new dynamic transitions with multiple controls to diversify the output. FlutterCut has been enhanced with more options including new controls and color options.
? Faster – Added GPU support for more plug-ins and an optimized GPU code to provide up to a 20% speed increase per effect
? More presets – Over 2,500 presets
? Preset sharing – Now you can share presets across host platforms (for Autodesk conversion, please contact us directly)

Compatibility matrix:
OS: Windows XP or greater (64-bit)
Host Platform:
– Adobe After Effects CS5 or greater
– Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 or greater

Changes in GenArts Sapphire AE v7.07:
– Fixed a bug where point params were sometimes saved incorrectly in presets on Premiere Pro.
– Fixed a problem where widgets were sometimes drawn in the wrong location on AE Creative Cloud.
– FilmDamage: Fixed a bug where Stains Color1 was ignored.
– Updated Mac installer to improve Mavericks support. The Mac installer will now display a dialog when run saying “This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed”.
– Flare Designer: fixed positioning of elements when editing glares.
– Improved previews of SwishPan and Swish3D in the Preset Browser.


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